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Prediction Markets

Bet on beliefs

Sports Stocks Elections TV Shows World Events Scientific Discoveries Celebrity Outcomes
and Earn

Choose A Play

Browse market categories

From sports to stocks, Elision supports most binary events.

Discover your niche and profit!

Pick a Side

Wager on Yes or No

Trades are placed in a growing pot

Contrarian plays provide highest returns

Earn Rewards

Losers payout winners, yield for all

Pot is proportionally distributed to winners

Additional TVL yield mitigates losses and amplifies winnings

Elision is a decentralized platform where you bet against others, not the house.

Anybody can make markets, trade on them, or participate in their operation

Elision is built for scale

An L2 Rollup powers the platform, reducing gas costs while maintaining decentralization

Low Fees

Rollups solve transaction fees – reducing trading costs and enabling smaller bet sizes.

Additionally, participating in Oracle operations becomes more profitable, securing the network.

Elision is fully decentralized

An Augur-inspired oracle secures the network and allows anybody to launch prediction markets

Turn-key protocol

Elision handles the infrastructural complexities of oracles, consensus, scalability, and security. 

This lets market providers focus on building communities, launching new market categories, and earning trading commission.

Proper market configuration is validated by decentralized provisioners

Elision's game theory incentivizes profit-motivated roles to act in accordance with the network's needs

Thank you!

We’ll make sure to update you with any new progress made with Elision. 

You can also stay current with Elision by joining the community discord.